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Gaydrey Browne started Cool Blu Consult in 2017. I write for technology companies, using my extensive knowledge of the IT industry. My first exposure to IT was in 1984 as a programmer, which gave me a good technical foundation. My broad experience in both sales and marketing enables me to engage well across the two teams.

Writing has been part of my career for many years. I spent 2 years as a communications manager, writing all content for the company including press releases, web copy, case studies, internal announcements and technical articles. In 1998 I started my own marketing consultancy and wrote for all our clients. From 2007, I have been in sales and marketing roles where I continue to write.

Good communication is critical, and written communication even more so, as it needs to be clear with no room for misunderstanding. The reader needs to find value otherwise they will not take the time to read it.

Customer success and technology are my passion. I will take the time to research both the company and the technology, including current trends and competitors, so I can write with insight.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Writing services include

You know your business and understand the technology you provide. I'm here to help you explain that to your customers, in all types of communication

Websites – I provide the content, but I do work with web designers to ensure the design and content work well together.
Proposal templates – there are standard paragraphs around product and/or services that can be written and easily used for proposals, freeing up time for the proposal writer to focus on the specific solution information
Marketing collateral – while very little is printed these days, there is still a need for pdf type versions of marketing collateral, including a company profile, customer case studies and product brochures. These can be used on your website or emailed out to prospective customers.
Technical – as I have a technical background, I am comfortable with technical content for training manuals, product guides and white papers.
Press releases and other articles, for example on LinkedIn – I will provide the completed content and will work with you to find suitable platforms. Some companies prefer to place them on the News page of their own website and create a summary on LinkedIn with the link to the page. It is important to understand your target market and how best to reach them.
Newsletter – this can be a good way of keeping in touch with your clients, prospects, partners and other stakeholders.
Editing – you may prefer to write your own collateral and I can edit it for you. I do think it is useful to have a fresh view and I will look at things like consistency of tone and message, whether it is suitable for the proposed audience and the use of jargon.


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