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I enjoy writing and it’s great to help companies create their messaging. I focus on technology as I’ve always been in the IT industry.

I started my life in IT as a programmer, in Cobol on a mainframe so yes, it was some time ago. After a stint as a product manager, I became a communications manager where I did my own writing. In 1998, I founded Aurea Marketing to provide marketing services for IT companies which included writing. I moved into sales in 2007, and I think that my broad background of marketing, sales and product management has given me a good perspective for writing. I’ve worked with PR companies and struggled with writers who don’t understand technology, I’ve been in sales where I’ve used the material produced by the marketing team, and I’ve written articles.

It was time to get back into writing, so I started Cool Blu Consult.

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You know your business and understand the technology you provide. I'm here to help you explain that to your customers, in all types of communication

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